Ansonia - Pine Grove Cemetery

People have seen apparitions of three beings guarding the front gate.  Why does it seem that spirits do not want people to enter at night?

Berlin - Christian Lane Cemetery

One of the oldest still standing cemeteries in the state, with graves going back to the mid 1700's.   Do the spirits of early settlers still remain at this place?

Bristol - Peacedale Cemetery

Does the myth of the white wolf that walks along the creek on the border of this cemetery hold creedence or is it just another local story?

Bristol - West Cemetery

Mystery surrounds this very old graveyard that dates back to the beginning of the 1800's.  Could a early American grudge affect the cemetery today?

Burlington - Lamson Corner Cemetery

A very old cemetery that has an oddly high number of children buried there.  People have reported strange and very frightening apparitions and experiences.

Burlington - Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery

Another well known spot among CT ghost hunters.  Does the woman named Elisabeth who died in a nearby swamp truly haunt the "Green Lady Cemetery" and swamp alongside or is it an elaborate urban legend?

Easton - Union Cemetery

Among the most haunted locations in America.  Who is the lady in white and is she connected with the red eyes some have seen inside the cemetery?

Farmington - Riverside Cemetery

There are local stories of shadow children and other apparitions in this surprisingly dark cemetery.  Do they exist and are they connected to the nearby Miss Porter's School?

Glastonbury - Buckingham Church Cemetery

For such a small church, it has a rather large cemetery in the back of it.  Recently, people have reported strange noises and lights inside the cemetery at night.  What are the causes of this new found haunted location?

Kensington - South Burial Grounds

Also known as Southington Road Cemetery.  Does a former caretaker of this out of the way cemetery still protect this place from outsiders even after his death?

Killingworth - North Parker Hill Road Cemetery

Who are the bride and groom that can be sometimes seen crossing the street, and are they related to the paranormal experiences inside the cemetery?

Milford - St. Mary's Cemetery

Is a mysterious woman in white still searching for her long lost husband who died back in World War I?

Monroe - Stepney/Beardsley Plain Cemetery

Is this the second home of the White Lady of Union Cemetery?  And besides being the final resting place of the Warrens, who was Hanna Cranna and why was she accused of being a witch?

Naugatuck - Gunntown Cemetery

For decades, people have claimed to have witnessed many apparitions, including orbs, shadows, and odd lights.  Children's laughter has also been heard, along with music in the woods.  Is this spot as haunted as locals claim?

Oxford - Captain Wooster's Cemetery

Are civil war battle sounds replayed every night?  Several other ghost hunter groups say so.

Oxford - Great Hill Cemetery

Also known as Hookman's Cemetery.  There are several stories regarding this well known cemetery.  Are any of these stories based on fact and why does an old house sometimes appear on Halloween?

Southbury - White Oak Cemetery

Why does this very old cemetery have such an usual array of graves?  And why do strange sounds come from the mausoleum at the entrance?

Trumbull - Riverside Cemetery

Does the spirit of Nero Hawley, a slave and member of the Continental Army, still remain after all these years?

Watertown - Old Town Cemetery

Also known as Main Street Cemetery.  Why do investigators hear the sounds of doctors talking and children's voices telling you to leave or run away?

Wethersfield - First Church Cemetery

Who is the mysterious lady in white who sometimes walks the cemetery on foggy nights?

Woodbury - St. Paul's Episcopal Church

The cemetery behind the church is home to a very violent and angry guardian.  He often will chase investigators out and do frightening acts.  Who was this person and how is he connected to the church?