Naugatuck-Gunntown Cemetery

One cold night in late December, a prospective member and I ventured to the infamous Gunntown Cemetery located in rural Naugatuck.  This is one of the most well-known haunted locations in CT, and even the Warrens have attested to the paranormal activity that occurs inside its walls.  Investigators have reported hearing music coming from the woods across the street, anomalies in photos, and children laughing in the field behind the cemetery.

Upon arriving, we were suprised at how dark the area was.  Waterbury is close by so we figured that there would be lights in the sky, but none were there.  After entering through the front gate, we went along the left wall and began our investigation.  We quickly came upon the Gunn headstone, after which the cemetery is named.  After passing this spot, we noticed the temperature was rapidly dropping.  Upon entering, our breath was not fogging in the air, but soon after entering we could feel the temperature drop until our breath was indeed fogging.  Both of us noted this at the same time.  One significantly odd moment was after we had asked, "If anyone is in this place let us know by making some kind of noise."  Seconds after the words were out of our mouths, we heard a voice talking from the field behind the cemetery.  We could not understand any of it, and it only lasted for a couple seconds.  We could not explain this happening.  Also, after being inside for about 20 minutes, we began to experience a feeling of paranoia and one that something dangerous would happen if we stayed any longer.  This was a feeling that both of us experienced at about the same time, without being vocalized to each other.  We left then, and definitely will return in the future.

RATING: 5 out of 10

The dropping temperature, odd feelings, and especially the voice we heard have us convinced that something is in fact going on at Gunntown Cemetery.  I will begin to locate some of the history behind the cemetery and plan a return trip.