Riverside Cemetery-Farmington

            On the same night as the Nike Site investigation (October 16th, 2007) we took off down Interstate 84 and arrived at Farmington Riverside Cemetery.  This location was rumored to be haunted in the forms of voices, moving black shadows, children’s laughter, other strange sounds, and the intense smell of roses is common.  When we arrived we were surprised at the privacy of this cemetery.  What looked like a main road was only used by other cars twice the whole time we were there so we knew we could spend some time investigating.

            There was very little light reflection in the sky and from surrounding buildings so the view into the cemetery was very creepy.  Standing on the outside looking in the path disappeared after only a couple feet into total darkness.  We took off down the path on the far left of the front entrance and began walking slowly in.  Once inside, a different feeling hit us: that of peacefulness and stillness.  That feeling continued as we walked along the paths and it almost seemed warmer the walls instead of hitting cold spots.  There were several large and unusually shaped tombstones and statues inside.  As we began to move toward the right part of the cemetery, a small feeling of foreboding was hitting us.  This feeling heightened as we moved further along, towards Miss Porter’s High School, and once again the feeling of being watched and uneasiness was there.  We knew that this wasn’t just nerves because the other area had felt so peaceful and serene.  Something was not right in this area but because we did not bring sound equipment or a camera, we were not equipped to question what this force was.  We stayed in this area for a little while and the feeling slowly began to dissipate.  As we were walking along the path that would lead us back to the car, about thirty yards from the entrance, we heard a large crack behind us, the sound of one walking on and breaking a stick.  I quickly turned back and saw something dart across the path about the size of a large raccoon.  We are still not sure what this was but we were pretty sure it was not supernatural and it was merely a native animal.  But because the sound of the crack was very loud and not fitting for such a small animal I am still not completely convinced.  The rest of the trip back to the car was uneventful.

CONCLUSION:  3 out of 10

            While we did not experience any direct paranormal activity, the feeling of uneasiness and unrest was abundant in one particular section of the cemetery.  Perhaps a trip in the future where we have photo equipment will lead to better results.  We are unsure if this cemetery is haunted or not.