Kensington - South Burial Ground (also known as Southington Road Cemetery)

 The same night as our trip to Lamson Corner Cemetery, I (Craig), Dave, Brandon, and Tim made our way to South Burial Ground, also known as Southington Road Cemetery in the small town of Kensington.  Because we had not seen this location anywhere except on The Shadowlands, we did not expect to find much at this location but when we got there, it turned out to be fairly isolated, which bolstered our hopes.  According to The Shadowlands it is haunted by an old, angry caretaker who will try to force people out several different ways and he haunts the area to the immediate right of the entryway.  We decided to wait until the end of our walkthrough to visit this area. 

The cemetery seemed quite peaceful and all of us believed that everything seemed to be at peace in South Burying Ground.  There were definitely unusual graves, including spires that were nearly 20 feet high.  Upon entering the area that is supposed to be haunted, we all felt the peacefulness start slipping away.  A couple of times our eyes would play tricks on us and “see” something moving among the tombstones.  We stayed in this area for around 20 minutes and felt very odd the whole time.  The Shadowlands said the caretaker would cause sick feelings.  I did not feel these feelings, however I did feel odd at times, like something wanted us out of that particular spot.  Also, feelings of paranoia and fear were present.  When we left the one corner of the cemetery, the odd feelings all disappeared at once.


          CONCLUSION: 3.5/10

          Perhaps there is something to go along with The Shadowlands claim about this location, or at least part of it being haunted.  We all felt noticeably different in that part of the cemetery than at any other time.  There is not much research available about this burial ground but maybe after placing a visit to the town’s historical society, we will know more clues about if this mysterious caretaker exists and who he was.