Seymour - Great Hill Cemetery

Many people across CT are aware of the legend that began long ago involving this cemetery.  Legend says that the caretaker of the cemetery had a hook in place of one of his hands would kill a mourner who would stay after everyone else had left after a funeral.  Some have reported odd happenings inside the cemetery and sometimes a house has appeared on the hill above the cemetery.  Other paranormal events have also been reported.

I will keep this investigation writeup concise: this cemetery is not haunted, and it appears that the legend surrounding it, is in fact a legend.  No paranormal events were witnessed or experienced, and the cemetery is quite peaceful.  One explanation of why people have reported it haunted is its isolated location.  Research from the town's historical society and public libraries have shown nothing that proves the theories, and none of the previous caretakers were one-handed.

RATING: 0 out of 10

As I stated above, the legends are not true and Great Hill Cemetery is definitely not haunted.