Burlington - Lamson Corner Cemetery

 On Monday night, July 14, 2008, three of our members (Craig, Dave, Brandon) and one new member (Tim) started the drive to Lamson Corner Cemetery in Burlington.  We were fairly excited because this was the first notable area we were venturing to this summer that is well known across the state for its paranormal activity. 

As we were driving along Route 69, I remembered that according to the always questionable The Shadowlands, that there is an abandoned settlement in the woods in the area near where Route 69 meets Scoville Road.  We parked alongside Scoville where we saw a narrow path heading into the woods.  With only a cell phone to light the path we set out into the woods.  The path twisted and turned while maintaining a course not very far from the road.  We definitely were feeling a bit nervous because of the extreme isolated environment of the area.  After walking on the path for about 15 minutes and only coming to numerous forks in it we decided that maybe the settlement was located somewhere else.  On our way back we noticed an open area where it seemed more moonlight was shining.  We checked it out and even though it was not a foundation, it was odd.  It was an open area where no trees grew, just an abundance of ferns.  We found this odd and we walked through this open part until we came out of the woods, back on to Route 69.  The cemetery was directly across the road.

We walked up the driveway and entered the cemetery.  I had an odd sense of deja-vu as I had seen several pictures of the place before-hand.  We knew that there are a very high number of children buried in this place, which adds to the overall creepy feeling.  Upon checking dates on some of the stones and historical data, it appears that many of these were during smallpox epidemics, so that would explain the high number of young deaths.  One of the first headstones we examined was that a girl who had died 13 days after being born.

Usually when I am in a cemetery, I find them peaceful and serene.  However upon entering L.C.C., I had an adrenaline rush I had never experienced in a cemetery before.  I constantly felt as if we were all being stalked by something and there were constant cracking of sticks from the woods that surround the location on 3 sides.  We began to make our way towards the back of the cemetery, and Tim and I saw our first possible sign of the paranormal.  Near the woods in the back we saw a flash of red light that seemed to dance similar to that of a firefly.  However there are no fireflies native to this area that emit a red light.  As we kept going toward the back, we all noticed a distinct temperature drop right around the same time.  Once we were at the last row of stones, we stood in that location for a couple of minutes just to see if anything would present itself.  All of us were very jumpy and constantly heard odd noises coming from the woods and I saw the red light again in a different location.  We decided to make our way back to the front and leave after about forty minutes. 


This area seemed to be a hotspot for energy, perhaps spiritual energy.  That might explain the red orbs.  Our entire group felt the same paranoia in the cemetery, as if something just was not right.  The noises coming from the woods were probably made by animals but they added to the creepiness of it.  The secluded location also was involved, as only two or three cars drove by the cemetery the hour we were in it.  It was a shame to see the stones that were pushed over from vandals in 2002, but it does seem odd that the town would not fix them by now, 6 years later.  My conclusion is that there is definitely something odd in this cemetery and the vandalism might be what set it off.  The feeling of needing to leave right away is present in your mind the whole time you are inside, along with the feeling of being stalked, so perhaps the previously peaceful Lamson Corner Cemetery is now home to a couple of watchful spirits that are trying to keep further vandalism from happening.

Note – We did not have a camera for this investigation.