Vernon - East Cemetery (Bamforth Road)

    Well, tonight was another impromptu trip for Brandon and I.  We decided to go to this cemetery as it is a short 15 minute drive.  Bamforth Cemetery may not be the correct name but it is located on Bamforth Road and there is no sign, so we assume that this is the correct name.  People have seen flashing or dancing lights in the cemetery when driving by, and strange activities have been rumored to have been witnessed in the woods nearby for years by the local population. 
    Driving along Bamforth Road, we passed the cemetery three times before actually seeing it.  The road cuts through the forest and is pitch black at night even with a half moon, as the lights of Hartford don't reach this far.  It is merely a plot of land off the side of the road without a gate or road leading into it and it is surrounded on 3 sides by dense, dark forest.  After parking across the street and crossing, we walked down the slight hill in the light drizzle that was falling.  From the outside, it was impossible to see into the graveyard.  Our first impressions was that it was weird that the graves were all similar in size and shape.  There were very few different ones and many appeared to be around for the same length of time.
    We took a loop around the outside and then cut through the middle, only taking a couple photographs because we did not want to attract the attention of hostile neighbors from across the street, granted there were a small line of trees that shielded us.  We did not feel any creepy feelings or hear anything while walking around.  There was a very old and creepy looking tree that we took a picture of growing in the back and snaking between several graves but this seemed a place that was fairly peaceful.  The only eerie thing we saw was the toward the left side (facing from the road) there were two graves separated from the rest of the tightly packed cemetery by about thirty feet.  When we tried to read the names, the engraved letters had almost completely faded from age and the moss growing on it.  We could tell these were extremely old and for some reason perhaps the witch trial period popped into my mind.

    While Bamforth Cemetery is a very dark place and looks incredibly scary from the road, it was a peaceful place at least while we were there, and we did not happen to experience any forms of paranormal activity.  If there are any orb-shaped objects in the pictures it was merely the rain that was falling and not signs of any activity.  We will probably return to this place in the future because of the short drive and maybe a second investigation will show something more.

Some headstones near the front. 

The back wall, with a creepy looking tree that has branches growing into the cemetery.