Stay Smart and Safe During Investigations

1.  It is always a good idea to check the site out during the day if you are unfamiliar with the area and are planning a night investigation.  This will reveal holes in the ground, debris, or other potentially harmful aspects of the site.
2.  Always be aware of no trespassing signs and private property.  Always get permission to investigate on private property.  Trespassing gives all paranormal investigators a bad image.
3.  It is smart to go in a group of at least two people.  If you go by yourself and something happens such as a medical emergency or you trip and fall on something and can't get up, you need a partner there to be able to help.
4.  Always let someone know where your group is going.  If the group gets lost, you need that person to be able to know the area where you were and notify authorities.
5.  Enter each location with an open mind toward the paranormal.  Also, respect the land and the people who may live nearby.  NEVER vandalize, and do your best to not change or affect the site in any way.
6.  NEVER perform an investigation under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  You will be a danger to yourself and others, and there is a greater chance of damaging something.
7.  NEVER perform a seance or ritual with a ouija board during an investigation.  You are calling on spirits in a particularly strong area and you do not know exactly what will answer.
8.  It is always a good idea to pray for safety upon entering and for protection from anything following you home on the way out even if you are not a religious person or group.
9.  Be sure to walk around the area first before doing any investigating with technology.  This will allow whatever is there to see that you are not a threat.
10. Just be smart and use your head whenever performing an investigation.  Do not do anything rash and especially do not run from the police if you are seen in a location where you are not supposed to be.  Treat authorities with proper respect if they question you on why you are there.