Nike Site-Glastonbury/Manchester

 On the night of October 16th, 2007 only three of us set out for Nike Site on the border of Manchester and Glastonbury, Connecticut.  Nike Site is nicknamed “The Insane Asylum” by those who live nearby and it is fairly well known as an eerie forest at night.  People have reported hearing people walking around but seeing nobody, strange whispering noises, running footsteps, writing appearing in the dirt, and other apparitions.  There is also a rumor that there are miles of underground missile silos that only few have found and have gotten lost and died in them.  Those present were Craig, Dave, and Brandon.  We arrived equipped with flashlights but no photography equipment as Brandon had forgotten it at his house.  We got off to a late start so we felt slightly rushed as we entered this site because there were still other places to go this night.  The site was located at the top of a large hill in a fairly deserted area, although there was a residential housing area at the base of the hill.  The parking lot had a couple of small one story buildings that looked like they could be shooting ranges surrounding it and there was an immediate odd vibe coming from these buildings.  As we were walking by them on the path up to the woods there was an intense feeling of being watched out of the windows, more than the usual eeriness one would feel.  But being in a rush we quickly moved on to the path that leads around a softball field and into the woods. 

Almost immediately we were surprised at how dark it was, the only light coming from our flashlights and the sky reflections of Hartford.  Walking along the path we came to several forks in the road, and it soon became clear how easy it would be to get lost.  Nike Site is located on a 20 square mile patch of land so being lost would mean being out in the dark and cold most of the night.  We came along several stick figures along the side of the path which were creepy enough but you could tell were man-made.  Several times walking along we thought we heard something behind us and in the woods to our side, but nothing was there when the light was shined in the spot.  This was a common occurrence for the approximate 40 minutes we spent there but no visible sights were manifested.  Once we reached a certain point we turned back and took a different path back to the softball field.  The feelings of being watched and paranoia continued along the way.  The trip back to the car was fairly uneventful and although we had wanted to venture further out into the woods and look for the tunnels, we decided to come back another time with more people and perhaps sleep over in tents with recording equipment set up to catch any sounds we could.

CONCLUSION: 3 out of 10

            Although there was the intense feeling of being watched and occasional sounds in the woods, we will chalk it up to nerves and nocturnal animals being themselves.  We look forward to spending a night there to follow up this investigation and to see if we can better debunk the rumors of “The Insane Asylum.”

Second Investigation

On the night of July 31, 2008, Craig, Justin, Jacob, and Brandon returned to Nike Site.  We entered the same way as before.  Oddly, the woods and paths seemed even darker and more foreboding than the last time we were there.  We ended up going farther into the deep woods than the last time.  On the way we heard several far away rifle shots (or so it sounded like).  We ended up finding one above ground silo that we almost walked right by before one of us saw.  After looking around the silo, we decided to turn back.  The silo was definitely a weird location as our eyes were constantly playing tricks and seeing things that weren't there.  Nearby there appeared to be another small path that wound its way back up the mountain away from the main one.  We were talking about entering it when Jacob was hit in the back of the head with something metal because it made a clinking noise when it dropped to the ground and hit the rocks.  We searched the immediate area and the only thing we could find was a rusty bottle cap.  We stayed in the area for about 5 more minutes but nothing else happened.  Maybe something was trying to tell us not to go down that path, but we'll never know for sure.


     Nothing really happened except the bottle cap incident so that alone cannot boost the rating too much.  There is talk about camping in the mountain for a night to see if anything more overt happens.