Manchester - Chalmers Street Woods

    This was a good site for an impromptu trip, again with only Brandon and I going, as it is about 5 minutes from my house.  The background of Chalmers Street Woods is different depending on who you talk to but most stories contain several similar threads: there had been two accidents in a short period of time, one involving a truck that is still there, and the other a motorcycle.  Both supposedly were fatal.  People living on this road near the woods have heard loud screams coming from within the woods near the area where the truck still is and have claimed to have seen apparitions moving that were faster than any human. 
    Several others from the group had been there a couple months prior and had reported that it was a fairly creepy spot.  There supposedly was a feeling of heaviness or pressure and acorns had started falling on them as they approached the truck.  They all reported feeling scared around the truck but could not state exactly why.  With these facts in mind, I was fairly excited to finally be going to this location.
    After parking on Chalmers Street and walking down to the path at the end that leads into the woods, Brandon had already made several outbursts about the steady rain that was falling and how walking through the inevitable mud would ruin his shoes (typical).  It was really light out due to a half moon and the highway being about 400 yards away through the woods.  It was about 9 pm so it was a fairly busy and loud time to be there.  The previous trip had been around midnight, so presumedly it had been much darker.  At first we could not find the truck even though it was only about twenty feet away.  This seemed slightly odd to us as it was very light out and it was not thick forest.  Upon reaching the truck we realized that the story of Chalmers Street was probably only a myth: there was a clear path to some sort of garage that the truck had undoubtedly once been parked in and then left outside to rust.  We circled the area a couple times and took pictures.  Absolutely no paranormal activity was experienced and we returned to the car with disappointed.

    The only thing that did not give this a 1 is that both times the truck seemed to materialize out of nowhere almost right in front of us.  This was a startling feeling but obviously not a paranormal sign.  We had no odd feelings, heard any of the rumored screams or saw apparitions, or felt anything in anyway that this place had any paranormal activity, no matter how slight.  It was not a frightening place to be due to the lights from Hartford and the nearby highway.  While we will probably never be 100% sure, it is safe to say that Chalmers Street Woods are not haunted in any way.

The truck from the side.

The truck from the front.

Walking down the path off the road.  No those are not orbs, it was raining that night unfortunately.