Andover - Harold Parker State Forest

Who are buried in the unmarked graves that can be found in these woods?

Bridgewater - Hockomock Swamp

This area is the center of the infamous Bridgewater Triangle.  A wide variety of phenomenon has been witnessed including giant birds, hell hounds, and UFOs.  Is it possible to dig deep and discover why this area is home to so many paranormal activities?

Dracut - Dracut State Forest

Why are apparitions and sounds of Native Americans heard within these woods?

Hingham - Bear Cove Park

There have been rumors of satanic and occult activities within these woods.  Are those the reason for the paranormal events that some people have witnessed?

Lancaster - Blood Forest

Rumor has it that a man escaped from a mental asylum and hung numerous victims from trees.  Have witnesses truly seen this replayed at night?

Lynn - Dungeon Rock

Why are apparitions of cult followers seen at this location?


Is there any fact to the story of the counselor that went insane and murdered some campers?