Arlington - Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Who is the old lady dressed in early American clothing several investigators have seen?

Attleboro - St. Stephen's Cemetery

Why does one small family seem to not lie at rest?

Baldwinville - Otter River State Forest Cemetery

Why is a figure hanging from a tree visible to those inside the cemetery at night?

Brockton - Melrose Cemetery

Why are footsteps heard in the cemetery at night?

Charlemont - Leavitt Cemetery

Why have EVP's of ghostly voices heard by many investigators?

Fall River - Oak Grove Cemetery

Is the final resting place of Lizzie Borden a place of unrest for others?

Leicester - Spider Gates Cemetery

This cemetery has a nasty reputation for being outright dangerous.  Is it really the eighth gate of hell or is it an elaborate hoax?

Lynn - Pine Grove Cemetery

Is this supposedly haunted location just a rumor?

Malden - Holy Cross Cemetery

Who is the woman who is seen in the cemetery and crossing the road?

Mansfield - Happy Hollow Burial Grounds

Why have passer-bys seen a man who appears to be guarding the grounds?

Marblehead - Olde Burial Hill

This picturesque cemetery is the home of the "witches" who were killed during the infamous Salem Witch Trials.  Is it true these grounds are cursed?

Mattapoisett - Ellis Bolles Cemetery

Why can people be seen hanging from trees in this very old graveyard?

Newburyport - Old Hill Cemetery

Several witnesses have reported personality changes while inside this place.  Is there any truth behind this bold claim?

Peabody - Cemetery on Goodale Street

Has this cemetery caused several occupants of the nearby house to move out after a short period of time?

Rehoboth - Cemetery on Route 44

Is there truth behind the rumor of an angry spirit that tries to scare visitors away?

Rehoboth - Palmer's River Burial Grounds

Why is a child in Civil War clothing seen asking for help?

Royalston- Old Royalston Cemetery

Why does this old cemetery have such a high number apparitions?

Salem - St. Mary's Church Cemetery

There have been many reports of feeling an odd or evil presence.  What are the causes of this bizarre experience?

Spencer - Pine Grove Cemetery

Who is the Dark Hunter?  Is he possibly related to the murder of Maria Prouty?

Tewksbury - Tewksbury Cemetery

What are the sources of the frightening visions people have witnessed?

Ware - Aspen Street Cemetery

Is there a source from the white flashes of light locals have reported in the cemetery?

Watertown - Cuniff Cemetery

Are the people buried here really the subjects of odd experiments?

Westfield - Pine Hill Cemetery

Witnesses have reported a spirit guardian who will do frightening acts to scare away visitors when the cemetery is closed.  Was this guardian a former caretaker?