Hello, please sign your name and leave any suggestions or ideas you might have either about ghost hunting in general or how to improve the site, just so we know how often this site is viewed.

2/28/2008 11:40:37 am

Good luck guys. Can't wait to read more investigation stories.

3/28/2008 06:50:40 pm

If you guys head up to MA you should check out Spider Gates in Oakham and Blood Forest in Lancaster. Also in the town of Clinton there are alot of places to check out. good luck with all your travels.

4/13/2008 10:54:01 am

hey me and my friends r trying to find places to investigate like you guys. we were wondering if you could give us exact directions to maude's grave? e-mail me at nmfootball74@hotmail.com

Gerard Malavenda
6/5/2008 12:41:04 pm

My father's family was from Meriden CT. Years ago, probably in the early 60's I can remember my dad, aunt and uncle taking a ride to go to a series of small caves somewhere close to Meriden. I can remember a story about, three children going into the caves and never coming out. Additionally, there was a foot print in a stone rock that would increase in size and the smell of roses. I can also remember that there was a connection to the Virgin Mary and that there would be other people praying at the site. Any idea of what this might be? Any info would be gratly appreciated.

8/1/2008 01:30:25 pm

I do love your site yet I'm wondering when you plan on posting some empirical evidence to substantiate the alleged paranormal claim. Feelings can only be deemed as dreams or hallucination.

8/13/2008 01:26:50 pm

yo just curious where you got the picture for ectoplasms? Because i took the picture over 3 years ago, don't care your usuing it just really curious how you had recived that. please email me back very curious.

Craig Y
9/2/2008 03:49:18 pm

next time you want to leave an unwarranted rant at least have the nerve to leave a legitimate email address so I can answer you back.

9/9/2008 11:56:46 pm

As an author and investigator, My wife and I have visited about 1000 sites in New England that are haunted. You guys get around and that is good. If you are ever in the Putnam area, look us up and we will show you around. We are originally from RI and know the area well. Foster is one place you would really love to see. It has RI's officially haunted site, Ramtail Factory.

Good Luck.


Thomas D'Agostino and Arlene Nicholson

ESP Spirit
9/20/2008 03:08:18 pm

It is legit.

Must be your client or something.

Paranormal Researcher
10/10/2008 05:09:48 pm

I applaud you posting that article regarding Trinity Church. I have known for some time that Trinity was associated with Micheal Ross unjustifiably. One of his victims were found in the vicinity but not at Trinity. This is why it's important to have a dedicated historian willing to dig for pertinent information dispelling existing myths instead of thrill seeking and perpetuating. Also User submissions definitely should be appreciated but....if you're willing to post them hopefully you won't fuel a further myth or folklore

12/10/2008 02:30:47 am

hi ,

just wanted to say that I looked at your website and im not inpresed . you should check out a real webpage .

come see mine @ http://www.freewebs.com/theafterlifeafterdark/ for advice on how to improv yous .

you should also be useing black light flashlights as they atract ghosts .

Jeff S
12/21/2008 01:06:00 pm


You should seriously think before you type my friend. First of all, freewebs??? Come on man. Fork up the cash for a domain name. Secondly, I don't think that you should be insluting this groups website. I think you should actually take a look at your own. Yours is nothing to brag about either. There is also something called spellcheck. I suggest that you go through you whole entire website, there are numerous spelling errors. There are even spelling errors in you post! Come on man. We are all here for one reason and one reason only, helping those in need. There is no need to critisize people you don't know. It is really immature and childish.

Christopher Reale
2/17/2009 10:16:45 am

My 12 y/o son is very interested in ghosts and would like to speak with real ghost hunters. Craig, are you available to field some questions?

Your sweaty friend, Chris

3/23/2009 07:05:19 am

Hey guys just wanted to let ya know that ive heard some stuff about the nike missle place in glasotnbury connecticut. It is located in the state forest. I am planning a trip up there let me know if you guys are interested in joining me. (860) 690-5154

10/3/2009 05:58:13 am

ok i live in sterling and know all about the whole maudes grave,. its located on hell hallow rd and there are a lot of things that happen down there that are jsut weird. growing up in sterling my whole life as most of my moms family has, ive heard all the ghost stories, but my uncle is the one who has told me the most. he grew up with a guy whole stole a piece of the actual head stone and had nothing but bad luck after he did that. his wife died, his kid and then after he brought the peice back he died too. all the kids that i grew up with know the stories an only the true believers know where to look and what not to do. if you say her name while driving down the road at night its said that your car will shut off and not start again. i personally wouldnt know because ive never been brave enough to try it or go down that road at nite.

10/4/2009 12:33:43 pm

I just have a question.I noticed you had Melrose cemetary of Brockton MA. as one of your haunted sites. I was wondering if you could give me some details. I live only a few minutes from this site, and visit very frequently, my grandparents are buried there. I would LOVE to know what to keep an eye out for next time I am there.
Thanx Much..Cloverthorn

10/22/2009 09:07:33 pm

hi i am also in manchester :) been involved in paranormal research since i was 15 been to a few of the places you have stated..had lots of activity at banfoth road cemetary...i have my own group as well..called sctprism
nice to meet you

12/15/2010 06:02:25 am

I've looked over your site and like it so far. I love to meet new paranormal groups and share ideas. I invite you guys to check out my site and see if you are interested in meeting up and going from there. I'm working on a case for next month in Mystic, CT as well as going to some places for photos and histories of for my book that I am writing. Hope to see you guys. Take care and happy hunting!!

Jessica L. Newell
10/7/2011 02:59:57 am

Lots of history in the Tolland area, including the Benton Homestead. You're welcome to come visit our town and investigate!

nick sousa
10/9/2011 10:52:09 pm

nick sousa
10/9/2011 10:55:51 pm

I have information regarding the camp Connecticut case in Colchester ct. I live about five minutes away from camp Connecticut, and we used to ride our quads down there until my neighbor was shot at... you may email me at nksousa96@comcast.net for more info.

9/22/2012 04:38:16 am

Re: Camp CT... I read your description and am not sure where you stand at this point since it was a couple of years ago... Ironically, it was also a couple of years ago that my team and 2 other teams investigated the campground as I live in Colchester. The camp was never a public campground... it was a private locale for the families of a specific fraternal order.... research of the signs present dictate that... so says my contact whom granted us free reign of the property. About the time you posted they were in the process of fixing up the property to re-open it to their members. My contact was always the utmost cordial, inviting and cooperative. If you would like to know more about the truth than the myths, feel free to email me at abovetherealm@gmail.com.

3/16/2013 05:46:12 am

I highly recomend going back to nike site. I used to wach my father play softbal there around the time you investigeted. I would play by the woods and have feeling of being pulled toward the wood but after a sertain point I would have a feeling to not go any farther. aftergames we hung out in the parking lot and it would get really late and i woud look aroung at the bilding and feel really scared and the other kids would want to go play near them or behind them and i would refuse. I felt as if something might happen. the other day my fater had driven up there to see if I remeberd him playing softball there and I suddently got chills and got scared. my father was originaly going to take me up to the feild but something made him turn around. He stopped a moment and said maybe we should comeback another time. which also freaked me out.

3/16/2013 05:49:50 am

I also recommend phelps masion in stratford CT


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