Amston - Ames Road

Does this location still harbor some left over spirits from the army's stay here during early America?

Bristol - Lake Compounce Amusement Park

Many park employees have reported witnessing phenomena after the park closes at night.  Are these claims true?

Bristol - Pine Lake Ropes Course

Ropes will tighten and move as if someone is using the course.  Also, footsteps and voices have been heard.  Was there a fatal accident that happened at this place years ago?

East Windsor - Pasco's Resteraunt

Why is this seemingly quiet and quaint restaurant home to shadows and cold spots?

Groton - Gungywamp

Have apparitions been seen in these archaeological ruins that date back to nearly 2000 years before the first European explorers?

Sterling - Devil's Den

Is this cave really home to satanic apparitions or is it a story to scare out of towners?