Branford - Branford Supply Pond

Why have running footsteps and gunshots been heard by several witnesses?  Was this the site of a murder?

Colchester - Camp Connecticut

Is this eerie abandoned campground home to spirits who have never left?

East Haddam - Devil's Hopyard

Why does this state park seem to hold spirits from colonial America?

Glastonbury - Nike Site

The nicknamed "Insane Asylum" is a very large chunk of forest that used to be home to a missile launch site.  Do the rumored underground tunnels still exist in the acres of woods behind the field and are there remaining spirits from the war days still here?

Hamden - Downs Road

Does this seemingly peaceful road lead into its own version of hell?

Killingworth - Ninevah Falls

Legend speaks of a missed meeting between an Indian man and a white woman who both committed suicide on the site.  Has this scene been witnessed by hikers?

Litchfield - Trail of Mount Tom

On this isolated forest trail stands an old rock building.  Has a long ago fatal accident on the trail led to the strange moaning sounds heard from this structure?

Manchester - Chalmers Street Woods

Does this patch of woods still harbor the leftover effects of two rumored fatal accidents?

North Branford - Greystone Rd/Dragonback Woods

Screams ring out nightly, and even on the warmest summer night, the location grows cold.  Why is this area seemingly haunted by an angry ghost?

Voluntown - Maude's Grave (Pachaug Forest)

A very well known spot among CT ghost hunters.  Are the many legends of apparitions and stories surrounding the grave of a girl who died of tuberculosis true?  Take a trip deep into the heart of the Pachaug State Forest to see.