Berlin - Cedarcrest Mental Asylum

Often rumored to be haunted by patients who remain in the boarded up walls.  The surrounding woods are also rumored to be an area for phenomena.

Coventry - Nathan Hale Homestead

One of the many historical sites in Connecticut that are reputedly haunted by its former owner.

Danbury - Tarrywile Park - Hearthstone Castle

Why have ghostly attacks occurred on hikers near this castle?

Derby - Harcourt Wood Memorial Library

Library employees have reported odd happenings after hours.  Are these connected to the founders death of meningitis?

Groton - Ledge Lighthouse

Does Ernie, the former caretaker, still walk the grounds of this lighthouse?

Hamden - Sleeping Giant State Park

Does the ghostly man dressed in black truly exist on this unique area of land? And are the odd happenings in the structure on top of the mountain related to the man?

Hartford - The Old State House

The Warrens have attested to the activity that goes on in this historic building, built in 1796.  Have there been unexplained deaths in this building?

Litchfield - The Litchfield Inn

Certain parts of this building are rumored to be haunted by an Indian woman.

Monroe - "Home of the Faceless People"

Deep in the backroads of Monroe there lies a boarded up house that has been long rumored to hold some sort of people that have severe physical deformities but communicate telepathically.  Who are these people and are they still in this house?

New Haven - Old Union Trust Building

Why have many employees reported odd happenings after hours?

New London - Eugene O'Neil House

Why do tour groups sometimes witness bizarre phenomena inside the house?

New London - Lighthouse Inn

Who are the two Victorian women seen by guests?

Newton - Cyrenius H. Booth Library

Who was Mary Hawley and why does she seem to permanently remain in the library?

Norfolk - Blackberry River Inn

Who is the "White Lady" that walks the halls of this scenic inn?

Old Mystic - Red Brook Inn

Why does former owner Sally Crary haunt one particular room?

Preston - Captain Grant's Inn

Why have guests witnessed several disturbing phenomena throughout this inn?

Salem - Salem Town Hall

Are the odd things that are seen inside the town hall related to a suicide that took place on the grounds?

Simsbury - Chart House Restaurant

Why does a friendly native american woman haunt this quaint restaurant?

Somers - Joanna's Cafe

Several frightening acts of the paranormal have been experienced by staff of the restaurant.

Tolland - Benton Homestead

Several entities have been witnessed by credible sources, including the Warrens and a member of the Tolland Historical Society.

Wallingford - Moses Beach Elementary School

Why have witnesses seen lights and heard music in the gym yet when the police arrive, they find nothing? Could it be related to the school's use as a morgue at one point?

West Hartford - Noah Webster House

Who is the woman seen walking the halls?

Westbrook - Talcott House Bed and Breakfast

Does the long documented events in the house connect to the original owner's violent death in a fire?