Bolton - Notch Hollow

Why do car windows mysteriously fog up and train whistles can be heard while driving through this area?

Cornwall - Dudleytown

Does this doomed settlement still contain some spirits that have never left?

Hebron - Gay City State Park

Strange apparitions have been seen in the park, especially in the old foundations.  Have early victims of murders never left the failed settlement?

Middlebury - Little People's Village

Was this mysterious land built by an insane "queen" or is it just a tourist attraction?

Middletown - Long Lane Juvenile Detention Center

Ghosts of children have been rumored to be seen running through the grounds of these abandoned buildings.

Plainville - Abandoned Plaza

Why was this plaza of shops abandoned and is it true that they may not be as empty as they seem?

Pomfret - Bara Hack

Is this long abandoned "Village of Voices" as haunted as rumors make it seem?