Coventry - Holy Cross Cemetery

The first investigation of the summer was finally here.  The group was relatively small, only myself and Brandon, so we wanted to stay within a short driving distance as gas prices are quite ridiculous.  The first stop was at a possibly abandoned house that we heard rumors about, but upon arrival we were in question of whether the house was actually abandoned so we will check back in the future during the day.  After the 20 minute drive to Holy Cross Cemetery, we were quite disappointed to see how small it  was.  A mere 30 yards deep and 50 wide. We stayed for a little while, but soon become discouraged.  However, on the drive over, we spotted another cemetery on the way.  We drove back to this one and decided to quickly check it out.  We were surprised at the size of it because it was only about a mile away from the other miniscule one.  About 3 to four acres of ground was moderately covered with all assortments of markers and stones.  After snapping some pictures and spending some time in it, it was clear to us that there was no paranormal activity present, at least on this night.  If anyone knows the name of this particular cemetery please let us know, it was on route 44 and had an interesting gate (pictured below).


  We did find a new site to investigate in the possibly abandoned house, but the failure of either cemetery yielding any results was disheartening.  Unless anything shows up in the pictures to be uploaded soon, it is safe to say that neither of these cemeteries had any activity.