Bolton - Belknap Cemetery

    When one of our investigations is labeled as an "Original Investigation Location," it merely means that we go to a location that is not rumored to be haunted but could be.  In looking up some nearby locations of potential haunted spots, we looked extensively in Bolton, because of its rural setting, almost any location would be fairly old and isolated.  In the case with Belknap Cemetery, it is not as isolated as we thought, as its right along route 44 but since we went late at night, there was little traffic on the road.
    The three people that went on the investigation were Brandon, Dave, and myself.  We arrived at the cemetery at about 11 pm and parked next door in the Methodist Church parking lot that we presume owns the cemetery.  The cemetery itself was large and stretched over about two acres of land.  Upon entering, we followed the path to the back and started slowly walking through it.  We saw a blinking light but it turned out to be some sort of gravestone decoration that blinked every couple of minutes.  After leaving the path, we noticed that in many spots the ground was soft and you sunk a couple of inches when walked upon.  This high number of freshly dug graves was fairly unnerving but this was perhaps the only odd part of the cemetery.  Also, there was a wide range of headstone dates that ranged from the 1800's to modern times.  Obviously this is a very old cemetery and could have the potential to harbor a spirit or two.  The cemetery was a peaceful place at night but it did have several unusual style of headstones we found interesting.  After spending about a half hour in the cemetery, we walked back to the car.

    This cemetery is clearly not haunted, at least we saw absolutely no paranormal signs or activity when we there, not even feelings or the atmosphere.  If we do original investigations, duds like this one are bound to happen, but at least we steer fellow ghost hunters in the right direction.  Unless the uploaded pictures show something else, it is a solid bet that this place is not haunted at all.


An interesting headstone.


Headstone isolated in a corner.


Another interesting design.


One of the tallest markers I have encountered.