Beverly - Beverly Farms Cemetery

As said on the previous page, I jog past Beverly Farms Cemetery once or twice a week.  The first couple times I went by, I could feel something that bordered on a physical force pushing me away from the front entrance.  It is not as if the cemetery is located in an isolated region where it would be natural to be a little scared.  It is right in the middle of a residential neighborhood with houses bordering it, and a busy street along two walls. 

On December 6, 2008, I decided to do a small investigation to see if these odd feelings had substance.  The sun was setting at the time I arrived, in the late afternoon.  I was surprised at how large this cemetery was, because at night you cannot see very far into it.  During the initial loop around, nothing out of the ordinary was experienced.  After this, I took a slower loop around and examined many of the gravestones.  Most of them were fairly new, and in good shape.  There was no signs of vandalism in the cemetery, crossing out one usual haunting cause.  However, when it came time to leave, I felt that same odd feeling of being not wanted while walking through the center entrance, the same place as I felt this feeling while jogging.  There are no headstones immediately in front, so I cannot determine the cause of this feeling.  Photographs taken did not reveal any anomalies, and as a whole, the place was very peaceful.

RATING: 2 out of 10
It appears that the cemetery may not be haunted, however it is unclear what causes this odd feeling near the front entrance.  The next steps will be to consult the local Beverly newspaper to see if any odd happenings around the cemetery have been reported.